Higher penalties for breaking minimum wage law

The government has announced plans to increase penalty fares for social care employer who fail to pay staff the national minimum wage. Currently, the penalty imposed on social care employers who do not abide by the law includes covering the unpaid wages, as well as 50% of the total underpayment of workers investigated. The governments plans to review this penalty could potentially see a penalty increase from £5,000 to £20,000. With the nature of social care, it should remain a case where e...

15 minute care visits: Undignified or justified?

 It is very reassuring to see that the government and the Care Quality Commission are zoning into the issues surrounding the commissioning of 15 minute visits to service users of the care sector. Although, the health and social care sector has suffered huge blows in finance in the past few years, that does not excuse what has now seemed to become a form of comprise amongst the quality of care being provisioned. As a domiciliary care agency, we constantly come across service users who have exp...

Home Care Agency Questions

Photo credit Matthias Zomer
Growing old is something that happens to all of us at some point, and we would all expect to be looked after if we ever get to a situation where age prevents us from carrying out things that we had been doing all our lives. If you end up with an illness like arthritis you may find that cooking, washing and cleaning is very problematic due to having little grip. You may have smoked all your life and now need to take oxygen around the house with you so you can still carry out chores. Maybe your ey...